Counselling Services

Sometimes dealing with life’s difficulties can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stuck, alone or unable to cope. You may notice patterns in your lives that continuously leave us stranded in the same stuck places, from which we can’t seem to move despite our best efforts. Counselling is not only about finding solutions to the difficulties of life, but about finding ourselves as whole human beings, about discovering our personal strengths and resources and about finding freedom in healing and personal growth.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity” Hippocrates

Counselling provides the opportunity of a safe and accepting space to face challenges, and by doing so, people discover their best selves, along with strengths and personal resources that may not have been previously realized.

_________       Are you feeling sad, depressed, anxious, confused or alone?      __________

Are you dissatisfied with closeness in relationship?

Do you struggle with lack of confidence or poor self-worth?

Are you finding it difficult to cope with life?

Are you interested in personal growth and discovery?

Kathleen has the skills to support you. Give yourself the opportunity and call Kathleen to book your appointment at 778-863-4044. Kathleen offers a free 15 minute phone consultation in which you can ask her questions about her practice and she can get a better sense of your situation. A session can be booked at that time if decided upon.

Individual Counselling

Kathleen provides a safe, accepting and confidential place to address your concerns. Her compassionate and caring approach allows clients to be themselves and invites them to grow beyond where they are. Solutions are discovered, strengths are uncovered and joy in life is recovered.

Couples Counselling

Research consistently shows Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to be the most effective type of counselling for couples relationships. Kathleen can help couples to understand what keeps them stuck in repeated cycles of conflict and learn new and more satisfying ways of relating to each other. She helps couples build their relationships into the safe and supportive havens they can be.

Addictions and Codependency Counselling

Kathleen has advanced training in helping those in recovery and those concerned with their substance or alcohol use. She also has much experience in working with family members of those with addictions or alcoholism. She provides a non-judgmental place to talk through concerns and learn about helpful behaviors and solutions for individuals and families.