Counselling Approach

The most important thing about Kathleen’s approach to counselling is relationship. You are a person, not just a problem. Kathleen works to get to know you, not just your issues, because you are a unique individual with your own story. This perspective helps Kathleen to understand your particular strengths, your beliefs, your struggles and conflicts and helps her to encourage you as you work collaboratively to discover solutions, fresh perspectives and more joy in living.

Her particular therapeutic approaches include:

Emotionally Focused Therapy: This approach with couples has been proven by research to be the most effective in helping couples develop closeness and lessen conflict. For individuals, this therapy can help with self-awareness and self-acceptance

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Our thought patterns influence our behaviors and mood, but are not always something that we notice. This approach is helpful with issues of depression, anxiety and relationship with self

Transformational Systemic Therapy: This approach allows clients to understand and know themselves better, and to live in the present with much more self-awareness. Clients can find release from pain and hurt and develop courage to be their true selves

Reality Therapy: A practical, people-centered approach to understanding and meeting our basic needs in life, leading to greater life satisfaction